Nov 10, 2018

My travel pet-peeves

Character matters a lot, actually, in all areas that require social engagement or human interaction. I would not delve deeper on that as it will be an unending argument of different perspectives. But I'll be talking about why traveling might be a way of knowing a person's character. 

Traveling, in a way, loosens up-tight and reserved people and that makes them vulnerable. By vulnerable, it means, one can see through them, like a transparent glass void of pretense. Normally, it wouldn't show at first, it'll just unravel in succeeding travels. Some though get the hint at the onset and decide from there whether to do it again or not.

In my case, first to third try is usually enough. Truth is, I can be difficult to travel with because my sense of solitude dominates and that isolates me from a group, which is suppose to do things together. I find pleasure in doing and discovering things alone. It is the obvious reason why people who tend to decide and impose things on me irritate me (unsolicited advice from people I consider not credible is not my cup of tea). Just to clarify, I am not a hypocrite. I do know how to compromise when need be (if it is said in a nice tone lol). If not, then, it might be better for the both of us to part ways. To avoid unnecessary conflicts that might transpire in the course of my travels, I go with a few people, those that I am already comfortable with and who have known me for a while. That way I wouldn't have to orient them with how I do things cause they kinda know already what to expect when they are with me. Yet, recently, I'm getting myself used to traveling solo, and have since enjoyed doing so. Pretty selfish, I know. But it won't be forever :). At least, for now, I get to decide on things myself without getting other people's approval. 

Anyway, here's a list of annoying things I picked up along the way of traveling with different people. Some are tolerable though, but this time I'm trying to avoid getting into the hassle of dealing with them. So here's some travel pet-peeves I have compiled over the years: 

1) Slow-paced humans
Definitely not a fan of people who are slow. But that would be such a blunder if I tell them outright, so I try to deal with them gradually and then just stop traveling with them after. The thing is, I do things quite fast. I walk fast. Eat fast. Get ready fast. So for someone who can't do it 1,2,3 - I can be dragging. I get a lot of comment about leaving people behind often because of walking so fast. Tried slowing down but it is just not me. So if someone can't cope up, I guess that's the last trip we'll ever have.

2) Restroom lover
Traveled with a few people who go to the restroom often. And sometimes it is annoying because the hype is ruined by a restroom visit. I'm not saying that they don't have to pee or poop but I just hope that it happens in the right time of the day.

3) Photo whore
I usually don't like it when photo ops takes much time than knowing the details of the place. People who can't get enough of pictures here and there is okay, but I've met people who are overly into pictures. And it can be pretty annoying.

4) Too reserved/conservative
Adventure is what we are all looking for in travels but it makes me sad when I'm with people who are too conservative and afraid to try out something new. Anyway, we all have different personalities - but what I'm looking for is someone to get lost and crazy with.

5) Lax
I usually adhere to my own itinerary. The advantage of traveling solo is I can freely follow what I have listed. But, of course, for cases that are out of my control I have to be flexible and do some changes when needed. Yet, when traveling with people, I need to be considerate if things don't really go as planned. However, some are just not the time-conscious type. They tend to do things in their own freewill and spontaneously plan something while the group has already agreed on something. 
They are the ones who wake up late in the morning and the last one to show up in a meeting place. 

6) Cancels last minute
Nobody wants a person like this one. One of the reasons why I don't like group travels - except if it is a group travel with like-minded people. So far, my friends stick to the plan and inform way ahead of time if they can't make it.

7) Too impulsive
I try to balance being spontaneous  and being careful while traveling. For male travelers, they can be too impulsive. But for us girls, it's kinda risky - some places still need careful planning. You can't just plunge into something without the slightest idea of what you are getting yourself into. 

8) Makes me wait for long
Let's just say my patience for waiting is like a time bomb. I can tolerate up to a certain limit but if it goes beyond that, I might consider not traveling with that person again.