Oct 17, 2018

Little things I noticed in Yangon, Myanmar

Though it may seem overrated for western travelers, I still consider Myanmar as an underrated country for the reason that it doesn't receive much recognition from an Asian like me. Over the years, much of the tourists flock to its neighboring countries like Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam. Not much is heard about this country. But Myanmar is a country worth a visit if you want to deviate from the flock. Less tourists means less hassle and you can have some of the tourist attractions for yourself. One has to be patient with this country though as it is still a rising star in the tourism industry. You won't find everything as organized but that's just the kind of deal an adventurous type of person would want. 

Never did I expect that this country will be my first solo trip abroad, which has been one of the things I am so itchy to do. But when you find zero-fare flights waiting to be booked right away, you will never have second thoughts for deciding so. I did not regret booking that ticket. After that trip, I felt the urge of going back to explore more parts of the country to legitimately experience the heart of its culture and tradition. But I will have to wait more years to plan a trip again. hehehe

Little things I noticed in Yangon, Myanmar

1) It smelled of tea leaf and mint. And from that you'll know they love tea and mint. The first day I set foot in my hotel in Yangon, I was served with mint juice. It was my first time to have such a drink (lol).

Parked cars is such a sight from the rooftop of my hotel.

2) They have really good, tasty, and freshly brewed milkteas, either served hot or cold, you choose. Especially if you order it at Rangoon Tea House. And this country has more tea shops than coffee shops. So for a tea lover like me, this place suits me so well.

A known cafe in Yangon.
3) Men and women wear longyi, their traditional costume, like an everyday wear. Uniform longyis are worn in offices and schools too! Bought my own longyi as a remembrance hehehe

Captured my driver's get-up. Men and women's longyi differ in patterns.
Men's are simpler than the latter.
4) They have this Burmese cosmetic called Thanaka, a powder made from grinding the bark of a Thanaka tree which grows in most arid parts of Myanmar. Locals say it prevents acne and refreshes the skin with its cooling effect.

In Myanmar, men and women smear their faces with Thanaka.
Locals with Thanaka is a natural sight in the busy streets of Yangon.
5) Its famous local food is called Mohinga. It tasted like a tuna sardine with noodles for me hehehe

I regret putting too much greens, it didn't taste that good lol

So here it is after all that mixing and adding of flavours!

6) Most of the Burmese people can't express well in English. I had a difficulty communicating with the locals all throughout my trip. But locals who work in the service industry, like in hotels and restos, speak good English though. Tip: A translation app on your phone will come in handy.

I'm glad to meet these two receptionist at the hotel I stayed in who speak good English. They helped with my itinerary around the city too!
7) Eighty-seven percent (87%) of the population are Bhuddist. My tour guide told me.

8) Golds and gems are displayed in Pagodas.

The base the Shwedagon Pagoda is made of gold, while its crown is of gems and rare stones.
10) Parks, zoo, train station, and stadium are too old (like a century old) but their National Museum looks relatively new. All the precious heirloom gems and golds are there, by the way.
Yangon Central Railway Station is one of the British colonial buildings built in the late 1800s.

11) You can find Indians everywhere ... and Indian locals are one of those who speak good English - you can ask them for directions lol

12) Some cafes offer unlimited free hot teas like the one we went to near Chauk Htet Gyi Pagoda called Lucky Seven Tea Shop.

13) The country is rich but they don't know that yet hehehe

14) Teak woods are precious (and expensive?). They use it to build and restore Pagodas. And their government owns plantations of teaks.

Structures made of teak wood found at Shwedagon Pagoda
15) You are relatively rich when in Yangon, your 100 dollars is worth 146, 000 kyat (but that depends on the foreign exchange rate)

16) Marian Rivera and Dingdong Dantes are famous among locals hahahaha  

17) Lots of moreno fair-looking guys hahahaha

I hope this photo of men justifies it! hahaha
18) I look like them lol

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