Jul 16, 2018

Going solo in Ilonggo land

In my desperate attempt to go solo in most of my trips, I booked myself a ticket to IloIlo. Why IloIlo?

1) I have never been to Iloilo before. So, I thought that it would be nice to have a first impression of it based on personal experience.
2) A good friend, who happen to be based there at the moment, has been inviting me over.
3) I just really want to travel to places I'm not familiar with.
4) It was the best time of the year to unwind.

I want to come up with a better meaning to ILOILO, but nothing comes out of my brain as of the moment so ... let me just proceed with the details of how my trip went.

I ditched planning for an itinerary in this trip because I intended to stay in my friend's place for the whole duration. Yet it did not turn out as it was supposed to be. I was left alone in the boarding house as she goes to the hospital for her daily duty. It was but necessary to console myself, so I went around the City and identified places to visit. I went to the usual traveler's iti - the museums, churches, old houses, and parks. My favorite was the esplanade. If only there's a park that clean in Manila, I'd probably jog around it often. But that's just wishful-thinking. LOL

The Jaro Cathedral.

Nelly's Garden (Vicente Lopez Heritage House)

A selfie with a good Samaritan who helped me out with the direction on my to the museum.

What else did I do? uhmmm I also ate pancit molo under a plum tree which ended up giving me free black plums, as they fall on my table one by one. It did not hit my soup though, so it was fine, LOL. I also went to the famous Mad'z Cafe which I had no idea was famous, my friend just told me that it is. And after drinking their pure hot cocoa (which reminded me of home), I headed to Netong's for their La Paz batchoy. So they say, you have never had the best batchoy until you eat it in La Paz Market, well, obviously. hahaha

Pancit molo which I'm glad was not hit by the falling black plums. LOL
Ate it beside the famous Molo Mansion.
La Paz Batchoy!
I was walking around most of the time burning some fats. But, do you know what I enjoyed the most? It is figuring out how to get to those places. 

The next day, I went to Guimaras. The boat fare is only Php28 back and forth.Really cheap. My friend's landlord convinced me to go to the Island because the port is just near and it would be such a waste if I wouldn't. 

Upon arrival at Jordan Port in Guimaras, a tourism desk awaits tourists who are looking for vehicles for rent. Various types of vehicles are available depending on the number people. Since I'm alone, it was practical for me to rent a tricycle. 

My tricycle driver for the tour was Kuya Jay, who was also from Bohol. I think Kuya being a good photographer was a bonus to me. He took such good photos and took me to places not even in the itinerary. 

Kuya Jay posing in the middle of the trees. He said that this place is not included in the usual itinerary.

This kinda reminds of the trees in Man-made Forest in Bohol.

Mango trees in Guimaras National Crop Research, Development & Production Support Center are also in demand for pre-wedding photo shoot according to Kuya Jay. And I guess Kuya made me sit on the branch where brides usually sit. LOL
Guisi Lighthouse

Mango pizza!
I've got lots of pictures to share but that would mean flooding this post with photos. So, I'll end here.

Iloilo was such a nice place and I don't want it to be tainted with silly memories again. Roaming around alone in Ilonggo land is one of the best things I've ever done. There's nothing more euphoric than impulsively going from one place to another, and of course, meeting a friend - and fixing her relationship hahaha
My time spent in Ilolilo had its purpose and meaning, afterall. Hehehe

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