Mar 5, 2018

Kindness of strangers

At most times, I am a lone traveler and have enjoyed the company of myself the past years. I set my eyes into a place of my choice, schedule, save, then I get the ball rolling. Three months ago, I scheduled a trip to explore the northern part of the Philippines. It was a travel with my sister supposedly but I found myself alone on a bus on the date itself. Nevertheless, I tried to make that trip worthwhile.

My frustration with my sister not coming resulted to me not providing myself with an itinerary. But a friend texted after seeing my Facebook post, asked if I am going north and offered himself to be my virtual tour guide. It was a help I never expected but that was a relief for me. He would wake me up in the morning with a lengthy text of my itinerary for the day. He would assure I negotiate okay and and made sure he is updated of where I am at.

Though the pleasure of being alone provides much more convenience, the struggle of taking a picture of yourself is real. On my way to the northern tip of the country, I’ve had plenty of sites visited. Those solo photos would’ve not been possible without a help of a stranger. None of them declined my simple request. With every solo picture, I repay that with a courtesy of taking their shot for them.

I remember that young man in Cape Bojeador lighthouse, who happily took the shot upon my request. He asked me if I was alone and then took off with a smile on his face and told me “to take care”. And so I thought, just like the old buildings in Ilocos, kindness from strangers remains.

And so, here's that picture taken by a stranger.

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