Oct 18, 2017

Reply 1988 (Reflection)

I decided not to write a review about this series because it is already too late anyway, and there are  websites out there that already did.. so I'll be just reinventing the will.

The point of the reflection is to capture exactly what I thought about the series after I watched the last episode. Yeah this one was written two months ago. I couldn't contain the feeling after watching because it was that awesome! However, I felt like I ran out of words while writing this so I might have missed some details. But at least I'am able to state the whole point why it has to be watched by any kdrama afficionado.

Have you watched it? I bet some of you did and some of you don't. If you are looking into a series with a great storyline, superb characters and actors. This one definitely does not disappoint, I can vouch for it. Been watching drama series for a long time and, finally, I have found yet another beautifully woven story of growing up. I don't know how to explain this but this series completely had my heart in all places. Very touching, loving, emotional, and poignant at that. It deviates from the usual romantic-comedy plot that gets famous every now-and-then because of the cute love-story and aegyos of actors. This one is completely different, each character stands on its own but blends well with the others when combined in one scene.

Since it is all about remembering the past, it captures the feeling of nostalgia - youth, family, friends - the familiar neighborhood that has seen almost everything. I really commend the writer and director of this series for the amazing script, plots, twists and turns. This is such a wonderful story about family, adolescence, friendship, and love. It has all the emotional ploys enough to make anyone cry, laugh, squeal,and most importantly reminisce childhood, teenage lies, and puppy love.
This drama deserves those awards, and the actors too! I have included it on the list of the best series I have watched so far.

But I also think that maybe younger generation will not appreciate this one unless they are already in transition to adulthood, because they might not get the feeling that this series is trying to evoke from viewers. But seriously it is daebak!