Apr 28, 2017

Erros and imperfection

How many errors do I need to commit to be good? How many criticisms do I need to take until I will no longer have to?
The answer will always be 'always'. Asking myself these questions have neither made me even better nor kept me from naysayers. Now that I have realized it, I don't think these questions have to be asked. 
There are times, of course, that these queries will just pop out of my head when in the middle of negativity. I do that until now. But I think what I've learned is on how to shift myself from thinking negative to positive. It was a really hard practice at first, but when I got the hang of it, I learned to adapt.
My perfectionist self has influenced the way I view things around me. Eventually, that perception becomes a norm or a standard where most of my views adhere to. Then I forget that the world itself is imperfect. Coming back to that reality is always a struggle, yet enlightening. Now I am pulling both strings, holding them closer in order to have that equilibrium in everything.

You don't have to be error-proof or perfect to be a great person. It should be otherwise, because people who have committed a lot of mistakes and are not perfect, are those who have championed life at its finest.

Apr 13, 2017

Something to be thankful for

Things happen for a reason 
I have often heard of it. There are moments when we push ourselves too hard to get what we want. But, actually, we are just straining ourselves. The more we insist ourselves for something not for us at the moment, the more it goes away. It pays to be patient, all the time. That is one thing that I have fully understood. 
Now, I am happy that everything is going slowly but according to the pace that God has given me. He never fails to amaze me - always. I will forever be grateful for this life because of Him.