Jan 14, 2017

Insights from a prominent travel blogger

Ever heard of Aaron Palayabyab? I bet not everyone is familiar of him. He is a photographer and filmmaker based in Manila that is working in mainstream media before. He made a handful of commercials too that were aired on TV. What made me like him is the post he made about mini-retirement. The word seems new, right? if you wish to read more about that you may click on this link here: http://www.aaronpalabyab.com/blog/2014/10/8/mini-retirement-third-world?rq=mini%20retirement

Months ago, I read a blog post of him that was shared by a good facebook friend. I’ve been following his blog ever since I read his post on ‘mini-retirement’, a sort of soul searching in your 20’s where you indulge yourself into travelling to discover more about yourself. His mini-retirement post hit me to core. But I cannot risk my job and do months of travelling that he did. The least I could do is to travel in between work to clear off my messed up head so I can start afresh.

Reading his follow up post about his life after two years of ‘mini-retirement’, I felt like he is echoing what my mind has kept on telling me unconsciously. We constantly look for meaning and I’m glad he is starting to find his. He is a very well-paid man in the media world before but has later found the work so dull that despite luxury and fat check, he found himself meaningless. We all go through that stage in our lives but unlike the others who stick with that reality for stability, he decided to risk what he had at the moment for the purpose of finding meaning to his own. Yeah he was lucky to have a very good job that paid big which enabled him to sustain all his travel plans for 2 years. But as what he said, unlike before when he don’t even know how to spend all his earnings, now he found a reason to spend it through travelling. He is still a process yet to unfold but enjoying what he is currently doing – running his own business and nurturing his freelance career. All those travels made him the best version of himself and has improved him even more than what he can actually hope for. But I guess there’s one thing that we both realized after all those travels, to achieve success we all have to be consistent and focused. Transferring from one thing to another will never get someone anywhere until we focus on something that we are really good at and nurture it.

Jan 2, 2017

My Bittersweet 2016

Posting a review of the year that passed has been a routine of mine since I started working, and ever since I had a stable internet to do the posting (hahaha).
Recounting the moments of 2016 makes me cry, and also makes me realize the blessings that God showered upon me.
 Last year's kick off brought a downpour of dilemma and uncertainty on me. That was probably the quarter where I was stretched so hard, but God made sure that I didn't break so He bailed me out and put me back to stature. I remembered how I cried so hard, and how travelling healed my broken soul. So this time allow me to take a flashback on the scenes that made my 2016 bittersweet. :)

As much as you wanted to take the wheel and direct the ship to where you want it to be, there is always something that will try to redirect the sail. How I wish I was brave enough to fight that off. But being brave that time wasn't the answer, but to walk to away in silence.

Someone once told me to never burn bridges, but I think I made an exception for some people so not to spoil my 'inner peace'. Knowing the kind of people you want to be close with and to deal with is one of the past year's reminders to me.

There is something with travelling that gives me hope to always continue with my dreams and what I believe in. Unlocking the true meaning of travel isn't by how many instagram photos you posted, and how many status updates you did on fb. I think it is by knowing that there is a vast world worth appreciating so there is no room to being depressed. A different place gives a different feel, so when you go back home you are renewed.
Yeah my first out-of-the-country tour was HK. Check out my posts here: 1, 2, 3
A picture with Tinkerbell at Disneyland!
Transferring from one work to another is a leap of faith. Dare to do it, and always pray and believe that something good will happen and it will. :) 
My HD photo at work. hahaha
I was a bit aggressive with my local travels last year. I climbed Mt. Pulag with my very good NE friends and took an impulsive trip to hundred islands with my  co-VSO volunteer. I'm also adding the Masungi Georeserve trip I had with friends. :) 

Group picture at Mt. Pulag while waiting for the sun to rise.
A friend of mine poses at the amazing view in Hundred Islands.
My best photo at Masungi. Lying on top of the spider web.
I met up with college buddies after two years. It was a relief to talk about life with them because they are a very good listener. 

Got a chance to see a concert finally! Saw James Bay on stage and sang his familiar songs along with raging teenagers hahaha 

The greatest gift 2016 has given me is leading me back to myself. I hope this year will be better, and a year full of blessings!