Nov 10, 2016

Viewing the best sunrise at Mt. Pulag

Climbing a mountain, feels like climbing my mountain of fear. It was my resort after all the mess I was into both at work and in my personal life. I gave myself an opportunity to breathe and enjoy the nature's beauty despite the very fact that the awful reality is pulling me down. 

Invitation from a friend
An invitation came to me in the moment when I wanted to fill my weekend with travels. Arrangement was already made and all I had to do was pay. I also had to acquire a medical certificate indicating I am fit to climb as it is one of the requirements. There I expected it's going to be a hard climb. 

Climbing the top

Struggles of climbing Mt. Pulag are the distance and cold weather. The terrain was easy, if only the walk isn't that long, I would've not been exhausted that much. And breathing the cold air was so much pain in my lungs, so I had to slowdown exhaling and inhaling.

Sun's fully up, exposing such clear sky.
Reaching the Top
We left at  1:00am and arrived at the peak at around 6:00am. I don't remember how many peaks we've passed through that in exhaustion I told my co-climbers to just settle for the third to the last peak instead. Obviously, they didn't agree with me as they argued the real peak was what they climbed out for. So we continued to walk until we got there...

Meeting the sun's rays. 
I don't have a picture of it but as we near the Mt. Pulag's apex on our left was the vast rainforest of the mountain, and it is very colorful. It is amazing even to see how trees create that colorful stripe-effect according to tree species. 

For my ending pose. 
Climbing Mt. Pulag is like a feeling of success. After that almost 8-hour climb, reaching the peak was the most refreshing feeling you'll have in your life. It's like seeing the beauty of the world at your fingertips. It was the perfect moment to wait for the sun to rise and to do a time-lapse of it (but my camera was full so I hadn't got the chance to do it :( ). And that fine line separating the blue sky and clouds - was a scene to behold! 

But I don't think I'll be back there anytime soon, my legs was sore for weeks and I don't think I can risk them again hehehe 

Well definitely, pro-climbers will never miss Pulag in their list of mountains to climb, because getting there is worth the risk. :)