Oct 23, 2016

Why I want an OPPO F1s?

While checking my yahoo mail (which I seldom do), I came across Nuffnang's blogger contest email. Surprisingly it is about an Oppo phone for giveaway which gave me a bit of hope that this blog post might get into the contest reviewer's eyes and consider it. I badly need a new phone (srsly) because as of writing this my 1 year old iPhone 4s has been acting up lately and is giving me a hard time accessing my apps. Troubleshooting it is the longest day of my life. (sigh*)
So what is the problem with my iPhone (if you'll ask me?)
A. My phone needs frequent back up on iClouds, and I can't do that as I don't have regular wifi access anymore since I transferred to another place for work, which don't have a reliable wifi.
B. My phone storage would easily get full so I need to delete files from time to time to accommodate new files and downloads.
C. It sends text messages so slow that the person who receives it almost never reads it.
D. It hangs up whenever I open multiple apps. And it also force closes apps whenever I open them.  So I never really get to use FB and Twitter apps if I do not open them on Safari. 

What frustrates me is I only use it for call, SMS, and social media. I haven't really used it fully for the reason I bought it, which is for its music, camera, ibook, built-in dictionary, and notes - because all of them are malfunctioning and the phone was used for just a year. 

Having all these accumulated smartphone problems, what phone do I really need?
I personally think that I need a phone with a larger internal storage and a faster processor. Well, new iPhones offer such, only that it is SOOOOOO expensive, and considering me on a tight budget - iPhone is a luxury that I can't get a hold of. I was on tight budget too when I opted to buy iPhone 4s because it was the cheapest among the iPhones and had the features I want. But I guess I was wrong, and I now regret for buying one when I can buy a much better android phone with that money. 

Recently, android phones have been evolving, at the same improving their features. I have a friend at work before who bought her first new smartphone which is an Oppo phone. I tell you the camera is really good, I even remember teaching her how to use the macro feature of it and found it better than my phone camera, and I was envious as it was the same price when I bought my iPhone. :'(

This Oppo F1s smartphone is an ideal one for me. For a person like me who uses my phone everyday for work and leisure, I need something that can store more files and faster than my old phone. Its 32GB internal storage is a very generous space already added that you can maximize its storage capacity of up to 256GB through external microSDs. And the 3GB RAM does not upset. All these for a price not more than 15K! Now if I compare it to buying a 32GB iPhone, that amount of money is not enough. So why do I need to buy a new iPhone when I can get a similar feature with Oppo, plus the GooglePlay Store now offers array of android apps for download that can compensate for the exclusive apps found on iPhone.

What else? It is dual sim! It is an important feature for me too since I use both globe and smart. But now that I use my iPhone, which can only accommodate one sim- my globe sim, I have another phone for my smart sim. Keeping two (2) phones is a hassle sometimes, because as I frequently use my globe number, I sometimes fail to attend promptly to important text messages and calls that I get on my smart sim. It happened to me a number of times already and it is frustrating!

With all these blabbering, yeah, I am really thinking of buying a new phone. And if I have already saved up. this Oppo F1s smartphone is definitely on my list! But it will be the best to have it for free.