Sep 19, 2016

I was in Hundred Islands, Pangasinan

My impulsive summer getaway was in Hundred Islands, Pangasinan. With the aid of a co-volunteer, Hyleen, my trip was carried out smoothly without worrying about accommodation, food, and arranging a trip to Hundred Islands.

How I made that possible was probably because all the stars aligned for me to make that happen. 

1) First I got a free ride to San Carlos, Pangasinan because of a work-related activity that was scheduled Friday. Well, of course, I sought permission from a senior at work before I could take off.
2) A trainee that we were with during the activity lives in Alaminos City. Which means I can hitch with her in a public transport going to Alaminos. I told her about my plan of going to Alaminos a week before. And as usual, some not so open-minded people ask why I'm doing it solo when it is dangerous for a girl. I didn't mind them.
3) I have a good co-volunteer friend staying in Alaminos who has been inviting me over. 
4) Someone from work is from Alaminos whom I can ask for possible transpo back anytime.

The advantage of going on a trip with a kind but not so familiar people is they don't know me well except that I am a friend of Hyleen. So they really don't have a preconception of me. They will have to know me from scratch. I'm pretty good at making first impression to some which I hope worked to them.
Hyleen and I posing before we take the zipline at Governor's Island.
Though it was a group trip, there was a freedom of exploring on our own. Good thing Hyleen brought her dlsr and lended it to me the whole time. I was able to take good pictures of the Islands.

Floating bridge makes a good subject.

Island hopping.
The trip to Alaminos made me unwind. It was good to have a listener as I was able to express things that I couldn't in front of familiar people. We spend my last night walking around the City and going to a cafe where we spent hours of chit-chat.

Making faces.
Going back to Nueva Ecija, I took the bus from Alaminos to Dagupan. From Dagupan terminal I waited for a 10:00am bus going to Tuguegarao which will pass by San Jose, Nueva Ecija. 

I cried myself out during that trip back covering my face with a shawl. The trip was a good therapy actually as I was able to pick myself up before I got back to work.

Sep 2, 2016

Dream, love, and laugh

I manage to get some good photos because people where I work at are generous enough to click it as I take a pose.
I wonder why not all people can be that selfless.
If a chance will be given to me, I'll take all the pictures I want to take and do all the poses I want to do.
Actually, sometimes it is not ourselves that we are afraid of. It is the people around that scare us big time. Because we know that not all of them are kind enough to give a compliment. And we are scared of them more than those who are kind enough to appreciate.
Yet I learned that, what matters is your will, passion, and heart to do something. The moment you have those three: you can care less of the people around.
So dream, love, laugh all you want! You owe it to yourself more than anyone in the world.