Jul 26, 2016

Going back to NE

Last last weekend, I visited some friends in Nueva Ecija. Can't help it, you know, the place is very nostalgic. I stayed there for two days and two nights and enjoyed the conversation from morning to night.

Photo source: Ate Mabel's FB account
We had lunch in this Shabu-shabu place in Cabanatuan called 'Paleta'. And uh, I was not able to eat much though due to my desire to eat less in preparation for diet. (Wait did I say diet?) Yezzzzuu! I will start a routine diet soonnnnn hahahahha..
But I ate a lot at Sunday lunch, can't help the cooked mongo of Ate Pristine ehyyyy.. :)

Photo source: Ate Mabel's FB account
Will be back there again soon .. to bond with everyone again. :)

Jul 11, 2016

HK: Land of Dimsum and Curry Fishballs (Part 1: Preparation)

I have written a post about my life checklist and that includes traveling abroad. This year, I made that come true after months of planning and saving. Truth be told, HK was the last thing on my mind since my heart longs to travel to South Korea and Japan (I'm still not losing hope though). But considering the cheaper flights to HK, it is something to really consider for a first-timer abroad. And I didn't regret pushing through it. That 2k ticket back and forth was worth it!
How did I get through the whole preparation thing is hereby listed. Go on and read ... some details might help you in planning your own. :) 

1.) Look for a compatible travel buddy

I did few solo local travels yet I know I'm not ready to do one yet for an out-of-the-country. Knowing this urged me to talk to some people who have never traveled abroad before and who have plans of traveling soonest. Met some of them, but I had to go with someone that is of less burden and a person who loves to go with the flow or to get lost in the city, if ever. I just found the right partner, and so we planned it. 

2.) Book that ticket

We actually don't have a country in mind, we just relied on promos any airline can offer. She told me to be vigilant for cheap flights as it sells like pancake. I was just so lucky to spot on a cheap flight to Hongkong last year, August. So, we booked it right away.

Airline: Cebu Pacific Air

Ticket Price: 2, 400Php

3.) Save

For five months, I was saving. I saved for my pocket money. Many thought I was spending my money lavishly on anything as I always go outside to eat. Well, I was actually being a cheapskate. I eat when I want to, and not when I don't need to (but not to the point of fasting). Attending parties and other social gatherings give free food, and I saved a whole lot from those.

4.) Book for a cheap accommodation 

My partner and I agreed on one thing - to spend more on sightseeing and food but less on accommodation.
Since it was both our first time to Hongkong seeking advice from her good friend who has been there gave us really cheap options for accommodation. When it comes to traveling, don't be such a hypocrite and keep it all to yourself, you don't know other people might know better than you. So try to lower the pride and ask some experienced people. :) 

 Most hotels or motels require an amount for deposit, most of them can be done online though so there's no need to worry. I used my Landbank debit card to deposit and it was quite handy. :) We booked two weeks before our stay.
Cosmic Guesthouse is an ideal accommodation for backpackers traveling in twos or threes. There's nothing much to expect though except the small beds comfortable enough for sleeping. The room is too small. If you don't mind sleeping in such a narrow room and wants to invest more on adventure around HK, the guesthouse is a good place to stay, but I would suggest you find another place if you mind so.

Name of Accommodation: Cosmic Guesthouse

Location: Tsim Sha Tsui 
Street: FLT F1, 12/F, Mirador Mansion, 58 Nathan Rd., Kowloon
Cost per night: 1000Php/ 340HKD
Direction: Get off Tsim Sha Tsui Station and take the exit to Nathan Road, cross the street and you will see the Mirador Mansion Building. Inquire with the guard. The Guesthouse is at 12th floor inside that building.

5.) Plan the itinerary

I have no idea what to visit in Hongkong except Disneyland so I leave it to my partner to identify places she might know from her friend. And since what I want to do is to eat HK food, go to night markets, and ride their convenient train; I was in-charge of the street foods to eat, markets to visit and directions.
We had our itinerary planned a week before. Blogs about HK trips are really helfpul in planning our itinerary. :)
If you wish to look into our made itinerary you may download it here.

6.) Pertinent Travel Documents

2 valid IDs (bring additional valid IDs for back-up)
Work Contract of Service  (since we are service contractors)
Back and forth plane ticket

Jul 9, 2016

Saying 'Hi' before I start blogging again!

Haler Baler! 

Finally I got time to write and read more. Shifting to another work gave me more time to do those two so I'm expecting that blogging will be more frequent than before.

So much were missed during my hiatus that I even forgot to blog about most of them. However, I have come up with a few major things to chronicle from last year and early this year. This year is the best as I was able to do my first time travel abroad (it wasss AWESOME). And due to my messed up head and crossroads life problem, I took every opportunity to travel when I could during the first quarter of this year.

So lets get the ball rolling and do some BLOGGING! XD



All it took was a YES

Early this year, I became a part of something really special. This post might be too late already yet something I shouldn't miss sharing here. 

It was the month of February, love was all around and a man was busy preparing for a surprise wedding proposal to the person he has been with for years. I will just refer to him as Kuya, because it is awkward to mention his name here. Anyway, Kuya is a very sweet and caring person, these qualities exude from him which what I noticed the first time we met.

I was involved in the special proposal when he asked me to be part of the video presentation. The video will be presented while he sings. Drawn by the fact that I love creative ideas, I did it. The video was actually a compilation of all Kuya's friends holding a bondpaper that says 'YES' and other cheesy words that can make Ate go 'wow'.

Thus my creativity wandered again. I like these two photos. Ehemmm :)