Dec 4, 2015

Quick thought

Being with different people and having been to different places is an eye-opener. Main thing that I have learned, I guess, is not to settle with less. Perhaps, knowing a lot of options considering that you have explored many things allows you to pick the best choice. You have learned a lot, with that you are wiser.
Knowing different kinds of people taught me to become open-minded. It's like pretending to be a Psychologist to blend in and create a network, which is the most important thing as I explore the world.
Poverty is a mindset. It is. People say that they can't do anything because of lack of money. I know it is that tough, been there. But I think it is all about daydreaming and striving hard to achieve something that transcends people's concept of poverty. I don't think it is a hindrance, as you go along the way, there are much more to overcome. It is all about knowing the silver lining at the end of the rainbow to get through that.