Nov 24, 2015


If I could sing with all might this song in an empty room- that would be the best. The feeling of no holding back and being yourself as much as you want fancy me everytime I step out of this room to meet the day.

No one hears the way I scream so loud inside, like a drum roll which never halted. They just see the usual face with no worries painted - if they only come close and listen to the faint voice screaming inside me. They'll know me, they'll discover me. But no one does that, none yet.

Nov 9, 2015

Ride: My inexpensive luxury

Tonight I recognized how much public transport accompanied me through my loneliness and in exploring the wild.

I can imagine myself seated there sideward - my usual position. I love how the air caress my hair as the vehicle's in motion.  That spot near the door is my favorite where I can easily get off when it's my stop. I only hear my mind speak of my dreams, and my eyes locked in one direction looking beyond as faint voices of passengers inside try to divert my attention.

But the moment is mine, free to think of the moments have been, should've  been, and will be.  This is the only luxury I get often.