Sep 18, 2015

Drawing the line

Can anything be funny, or are some things off limits?

I was short-tempered when it comes to jokes, but as they say 'you are a loser if you give in'. At some point, I passed through that stage of resisting jokes thrown at me. I learned to become submissive; I now can laugh about it and go with it. I even know how to joke back.

In fact, being able to handle a joke makes you a teamplayer. People will eventually skip making jokes about you when they see that it doesn’t have an effect on you. They see it as boring, and they don't want it to end at some point like that. Sometimes, being with a group of  people who jokes a lot wouldn't  stop without, at least, putting that someone into the limelight of embarrassment. If that someone is lucky enough, he wouldn't leave teary-eyed, just a hammered ego. And I pretty much know how that feels.

So, how will you emerge as winner in a joke battle?
Be cool. Don't show any signs that it is getting into you. They will probably throw more if they haven’t seen it affect you. But as they repeatedly do it, they'll get tired of it.
Always learn how to fight back, once they see that your joke is more powerful than theirs, they'll surrender.
Lastly, show them that you are not vulnerable, that whatever joke it is - you know how to handle it.

Sep 15, 2015

Buy me some honesty

You can't rely on smiles, stories, and actions in assessing what people think. Those are masks of identity to blend in. Truth is, they are afraid to show their true self because of judgment. It is what rules their life. Keeping it all in somehow make them coward or fake by not saying what's on their mind outright.

Sep 11, 2015


When was the last time you really stood out in a crowd? Are
you comfortable in that position, or do you wish you could
fade into the woodwork?

I was about 8 when I first stood out in front of a large crowd, it wasn't simple.The poem I practiced for days seemed to have vanished when I opened my mouth. It took me a moment to recover, and recite the first stanza of the poem. I went on in pauses until I heard the noise of the claps signaling the end of my recital.

I was even more shy back in high school. As a teenager, I became more conscious  about myself that I felt anxious being in front of the crowd, except for the things where I had to do it  for the sake of grades. I remember liking the feeling of being at the backstage for , atleast, when I make a mistake it wouldn't create such a big fuss. Being at the backstage, kept me away from backstabbers, and made me do things efficiently without having people's attention. It was a sense of relief.

College though was more difficult for me. I can no longer be at the back anymore. I had to practice being confident most of the time as we are always dealing with people. The experience I had with all the school activities, somehow, improved my social skills, much more when I graduated. I realize the benefit of having lots of exposure - because I know it'll help me grow as person.

Sep 8, 2015


Nice is good. I knew that once you treat people nicely, it goes back to you ten folds. I have lived believing that for long. But I think in the process of growing up I forgot what it means to be nice. Not all people pay back with kindness, in which I'm still in disagreement. You'll lose the good values you have before you know it - and it sometimes hard to regain.

Sep 5, 2015

PCC Milka Krem

Who said that the land of carabaos can't be classy?
You might be in awe once you set foot in the infamous Milka Krem (a carabao milk café) of Philippine Carabao Center. This is the first built café that offers various carabao milk products: from its signature chocomilk and ice cream to pastries and cakes.  The café can pretty much compete with starbucks.

Milka Krem


Milka Krem's interior offers an ambiance of both comfort and class. It somehow uplifts the face of the agricultural sector and carabaos in the Philippines. Inside you'll see displayed figures of carabaos and farmers who play a major role in agriculture. And I must say, this café is one of the best projects of the Government thus far.


Carabao milk delivered to Milka krem are mostly from contracted farmers in Nueva Ecija. So if you buy milka krem products you also augment farmers' income. 
Being the only milka krem branch so far, Milka Krem caters to many customers everyday. And this café is definitely a must try for café lovers.
So if you happen to be nearby check out your PH OpenSnap, an app for foodies like you, and head to Milka Krem for a taste of agri with class.

How to get there:
Since PCC is a landmark, locating it isn't really hard.
Milka Krem is just beside the main office Philippine Carabao Center, along maharlika highway going to San Jose City. 

Complete address: Maharlika Highway, Science City of Munoz, Nueva Ecija

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Sep 4, 2015

Life line

Do you believe in fortune telling? Yes.. Maybe.. No...
For some reason I've had it. Last year was the final one when I was so desperate in knowing Mr. Right  and partly because a friend of mine pushed me to do it.

Well, fortune telling is sometimes unreliable (or always unreliable). I pretty much believed that March 2015 was going to be good for me. Though there were those who seem to take notice of me, no one dared took the next step besides staring and giving me the feels. I was so silly for believing in it in the first place.
Here's what I remember the fortuneteller told me:
"He is tall, dark with rounded face. In fact, taller than you with big built." 

Totally the opposite of what I imagine him to be because I like slim guys with less bulky muscles. Yet it somehow, gave me something to look forward to, so whenever I see rounded-face guys "Perhaps he is the right one" (Joke!!!hahaha). Perhaps, not to that extent but it does gave me a hint (what a hopeless me). And then I met few guys with rounded face, but nah they were not. I was literally taking that fortune telling seriously hahahaha.
Now its been five months, where is that guy you are talking about Auntie? Or maybe you were referring to March 2050.(sigh*)

Sep 2, 2015

First Baker

Living for a year and a half in Nueva Ecija, perhaps I have become familiar with what food to go for. So if you have heard of Silvanas, probably you have tried the one in Negros already or maybe some bakeries that offer that tasty cookies. But hey, Nueva Ecija can also offer you with their own silvanas.

First Baker is the known bakery that makes silvanas in Science City of Muñoz (or probably in the whole province of Nueva Ecija), it is tested and recommended as 'pasalubong' as well. And aside from silvanas they also sell yummy cream puffs, which I don't think other bakeries in Muñoz have.

Yummy Cream puffs

You can check it out at PH OpenSnap, and locate this humble bakery in its branch in Science City of Muñoz proper, Central Luzon State University (CLSU Market) and San Jose City.

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