Aug 31, 2015


Being a fan of anything Korean, this Seoulmate cafe got my attention. No I haven't heard of it before but as the hotel where we stayed is just in front of this cafe - what a good opportunity to try it.

The sign is very noticeable, which makes it very Korean. So funny how I can get so gaga over trying this things. Without much thought, we proceeded, and ordered its Korean Citrus Tea.

There are variety of drinks to choose from, but I would recommend ordering their Korean Organic Tea which is what I ordered to be different. (But I wonder if it's really authentically organic, well, well).  

While seated, you can examine the inside much closely or ardently listen to the beautiful korean songs (you will love them, I guarantee you). A very relaxing place for chitchat, reading and studying. 
There was this one Korean customer who just ordered a tea and buried her face on reading a book. 

It is a new opened cafe judging by its newly painted facade and interior.

And speaking of interior, you might want to bring your soulmate and post your names  on this wall.

Seoulmate Cafe is located at D'Leonor Hotel Building, J.P Laurel Avenue, Bajada, 19-B Poblacion, 8000 Davao City. It is open Monday to Saturday 11:00am to 1:00am. You can also find this cafe on PH OpenSnap.

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Aug 25, 2015


"I sit here riding on a train going somewhere while they read my letter of regret, while they talk about my incompetence and my cowardly attitude towards knowing the truth.
As they utter their words of surprise as to why I'm gone. I took a sigh of relief for I'm free"

That came out of nowhere. I imagine myself riding that bullet train in Japan, staring at the scenic mountain view while seated on the train's comfortable cabin. Without feeling it's moving, without knowing that the clocking is ticking. I would trade anything, if I maybe too innocent, just to have that one ride.

Aug 23, 2015

Kel'z Cafe

It might not be known because of its label as an agricultural science city, but Muñoz, Nueva Ecija have cafes worth trying for. And as I was looking for a place where I could sit, relax, and eat alone, without so much people around, I tried Kel'z Cafe. And the place is just what I needed.

Not much people go during holidays or weekends, as far as I know, since I come during those days. And I haven't seen it really full though, but I love it because people don't really flock that much which gives me more space and freedom to stay long. I already have friends brought there after trying it and we usually stay for an hour.

Tuna Pasta

Chips and fries

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Aug 21, 2015


One of my favorite teachers once told me that to get into where you want to be is to focus on it. I remember my innocent and eager self upon hearing it from one of the best teachers I know. Yet now I wonder, was I the same as before?
For three years of working and being with different people, my lens with my viewfinder is still looking for something where I could focus on. My experience is still not enough in knowing what I'm passionate about. But I know my teacher was right, I need focus.