Jul 21, 2015

Dynamite: The Recipe that I just Knew

Dynamite.  Sounds intense. I didn't know it could be a recipe, such an ignorant me? But here in Luzon it is  a recipe that they have for chilies. I'm talking about the long green chilies used for soups. It is guaranteed that you'll love chilies, if you'll taste dynamite.

I knew about it months ago but I only made one yesterday with a twist. By twist, I mean, deviating from the usual ingredients used. I am no chef but my friends as critics said it was good. (bleeeeh)

So here are my ingredients:
Lumpia wrapper
Corned beef (instead of ground meat, cause it is expensive)
Chilies (which I got from the farmers we've visited)
Cooking oil (just enough)

I cleaned the chilies first and removed its seeds. The seeds are what makes it spicy, the hollow space where seeds have been removed is where you put the filling.

after seeds are out
I then cooked the filling, which is the corned beef and potatoes. By the way, removing that much seeds caused me so much pain. My hands were so spicy all throughout the night, so be sure to use gloves or apply oil on your hands before touching the chilies or else you'll end up like me. :(
Once done, start stuffing chilies enough to fill it. Put a slice of cheese inside after filling. This could be laborious so try to get some help when needed. 
You can now then wrap it with the lumpia wrapper and it is ready to fry.

The end product should be like this:

Jul 16, 2015

Impulsive me

I consider myself an impulsive risk taker, as I tend to do things without a concrete plan. I believe that true happiness comes from informal,  candid events where you feel relaxed - away from the busy reality of the world you are in.
Spur-of-the moment decision makes me think less, and seize moments without second thoughts. Doing so feels like letting go of everything negative that's haunting me for so long, that after I feel new again - in both mind and soul.
The effect it has brought in me gave me a reason to look forward to the best things nature  has to offer.  It also inspires me to be me - that in every leap of faith of conquering my fears- I unleash something good in me.

Photo: Hanging bridge of Soro Soro Spring Resort in Batangas

Jul 14, 2015

Loving is that hard

I have friends who loved and happy, who loved but empty, who loved and got hurt and who loved mistakenly. But recently, a friend of mine confessed that she loved at the wrong time.

I am a listener when friends talk about their love life and at times, a commenter without experience. Pretty absurd right? But most of the people like me provide reasonable advice to those who become unreasonable when lost in love.  We give practical decisions which is not that easy to do but can be an eye-opener when someone become stupid. (Sorry for the word).

I asked myself, if how much it really hurts to love someone. Listening is not enough to know it. There were times when I felt like their stories were the same old song played everytime, nothing new, and I lost the sense of sympathy.  But I see the hurt in their eyes, the sincerity in their voice as they told the story one by one. As a listener, you need to comfort, you need to comment, you need to counsel. Being a confidante in this kind of situation is sometimes a matter of urgency. You don't have the experience in the first place but the beauty of it is they get the outsider's perspective of what should be done.

I still don't know it but maybe in time I will understand.

Jul 7, 2015

She cried

I saw a friend cry tonight. She didn't shed tears but I know her heart did.
In a public transport, she quickly took a glimpse of the man she's secretly in love with as that man took the night off to spend with the one he likes.
An isle apart, just across, sitting opposite each other. She stared in silence. The most awkward moment she could ever have. She froze in disgust and at the same time in pain. I asked her, if she's ok, she camly said "I'm ok ate".  But I know she wasn't.
Deep inside she wants the jeepney to stop so she could get off. But I admire her throughout all of it, she managed to keep it all in.

Dear Ann,

I know how you feel and it sucks. It happens to me all the time that I already learned to fake my laugh and act infront of everyone just so they won't notice. But when I'm all alone, I cry myself out, like there is no tomorrow. You wish it wasn't him or you wish you were her. Recovering can be painful, but soon you'll forget about him. I know you will.

Ate Tim