May 25, 2015

Blogging personally

I've written personal posts lately as I struggle to understand what is going on my mind. You'll read posts of how down I am and how I see the world so negatively (opposed to what this blog should be, forgive me). Nothing to worry about it though, I'm fine. I'm just passing the quarter life crisis where you overthink things quite often.

Obviously this blog has been a great outlet of all of that. And it surprises me as to how it makes me feel lighter everytime I hit the publish button, like "there it is, another baggage out". These might not really entice readers but I'm not up to what they think so long as what I write makes me feel better. Probably, the main factor of all of this is the fact that I love this "writing-whats-on-your-mind" kind of thing. As I've been doing it quite often, I feel incomplete without writing something down sometimes. It has become a routine, I just found myself staring at the computer screen while hitting the keyboard spontaneously. I am the critique of what I write, cause it is my own thoughts. For that, I thank the person who invented blogging. 😅

May 22, 2015

Mixed Emotions

I'm helpless. But people won't believe that cause every person can help himself. No one can help you but yourself.

Be yourself. I am. But the people around dictates who I am and I'm changing without me knowing. I'm trying to be one but 'm being compared. I want to be myself but it doesn’t really go along with where I come from. It's pointless.

I'm deprived. I wanted to do something  but there's no opportunity for me to do it. Plus having no support from people around makes me feel down.

I am not trusted. I am being questioned of the things I do even if I spent hard times doing it. My tasks are small and I don't  even know if my outputs are useful.

I am intimidated. People around are better than me and I feel so small. They seem to be prying on me to fail.

I lost motivation. I don't know if I like what I'm doing anymore. I feel confused and empty.
Friends are fleeting. The friends I've known for months are slowly going away. I'm losing my circle of friends.

Something sucked all my positive vibes. I now hear people say negative things, I see people  criticizing people. The people that I try to think of positive things about, now seem to be mean and naïve.

I lost that smile. People see me as a happy person, at least I need to maintain that impression. However,  to bring back that real smile takes time.

I don't know if there's a person who will like me back. Petty so petty. But if I have just one person by my side maybe I will feel at ease. I need to extend my patience or else I'm going to fall for the wrong one.

No one will understand me. Hence the reason for writing this down. This is harder to say than write. I find it arduous to explain things because it'll just make it more complicated.

I can move on. That's the silver lining there. Despite all this I know I can get out of this. I'm just trapped in a maze, taking my time finding the way out.

May 16, 2015

My Day off Work

I have noticed quite a few things lately.

I stepped inside a café, and for the first time ordered a hot tea paired with the cheesy fries. It goes well with it, while I buried myself on my phone reading other people's fb posts and mine.

At a distant, I can hear this cute little boy speaking straight english entertaining customers. I just laugh at the scene of it. Awesome kid. And there is this young couple by  my side giggling at each other. At a 10 o' clock direction are girl friends with a monopod, taking pictures of their moments together.
I was just right there, taking my time. The only person who can take notice is the waiter who knows me well as I frequent there.

I'm  loving the idea of being a stranger. Aside from having freedom, you see people in a different way. Sometimes smiling at a stranger feels like an act of kindness already- it's gratifying.

Maybe I spent almost an hour enjoying the privilege of connecting to a free wifi. That's one thing good about cafes, by the way. I took off and headed to this barbecue place I love. People are waiting, but regardless, my order came in first as I ordered less. New customers kept asking for isaw or chicken intestine (this is not disgusting, it's yummy), it's their specialty. But the husband owner says it's sold out but the wife owner said it's available. I heard them argue for a moment, I can sense that the husband is dominant and quick tempered for being angry to such a petty matter. A bit humiliated, the wife just smiled at me and I smiled back to make her feel what I heard is nothing. I remember the husband said something bad. Such a ghastly husband.

Back to the customers. A bunch of guys came to order. I must say, good-looking guys who would not notice but envy beautiful girls that might pass by. They talk in such a high pitch manner, and I was listening. I took my order and left thinking, these guys are such a waste. World is changing and people around are oddly changing too.  

May 9, 2015

Arabela in Liliw, Laguna

I'm not a fan of Italian pastas. However, I like pastas cooked in Filipino way. My palate is very much accustomed to the sweet and sour taste of Filipino cuisine, that eating the opposite would be a great adjustment. And, indeed, it was. But I didn't regret dining in this place. I am always amazed by how I manage to change my perception on things by giving it a try.
Both sides are line of shoe stores. It was raining the time we were there but that didn't stop us from checking every stores
As a first timer in Liliw, Laguna, there's not much to see but the array of shoe stores in every street corner. Liliw is a quite secluded town which is famous for the cheapest and durable shoes. It can be a hassle to go there if you don't have a private car. So if by any chance you happen to drop by, you need to grab the opportunity to buy any shoes you want. That's what people told me.

Yet going with the person who frequents there, I've known that it is not just the shoes that this place can be known for. He brought us to this cute little family resto that offers pastries and pastas.

This is just to show you how low the ceiling is. 
For a bit of history, the place was just an underground of the house converted into one decent resto. You'll find how low the ceiling is once you go inside. But that what makes it so cute.

There were lots of pastas to choose from, but I went with his suggestion to be safe.  
We all had a sort-of chicken pasta (forgot what exactly it's called) and frappe. But with only an hour given to us to go around and buy, we just had a limited time to finish our orders. I ate mine in just 10 minutes or so but we still ended up being late. Everybody was waiting for us and got a bit jelly for only having ourselves eat there.

Here are some of the things on their menu. Their price starts from P200 up.
 The so-called chicken pasta.


Knowing that this resto has long been existing, there were lots of reviews about it, not only in the net but also in leading newspapers. 

A compilation of newpaper articles about the resto.
It's wise to make a reservation ahead of time  because sometimes it gets so full. We were lucky that there were only few customers when we were there. ;D