Apr 28, 2015

That moment…queer moment

Queer. Life gives us that moment. When we laugh at somebody's nonsensical jokes, when we tend not to love those who love us, when we get things we don't even want, when your dreams are in somebody else's who don't even value it. The list goes on…

Most people say, "that's life", but yeah what a crap! They sounded like it is a dead end, like you can get by with it because that definitely happens. It absolutely happens, but it doesn't mean you can't do anything about it. Maybe some say it in a very optimistic sense though, which is quite good cause they may know a leeway in case everything fails.  I just don't like people telling me that, it doesn't sound emphatic rather sarcastic. Perhaps, it depends on who says it.

Apr 22, 2015

A test of character

We always meet someone that will test our character. Someone that will make you do anything, that never in your life you thought you'll be doing. But just like a pencil with its sharpener, our life gives us people that will make us know ourselves better and grow from what we once were.

When I met mine, t' was probably one of the hard times. I was caught off-guard, trapped with the people completely opposite myself. I call it character suicide, cause I'm indulging myself into a situation I haven’t even mastered yet. But, indeed, instantly throwing yourself into a deep pool will make you learn how to swim.  I thought to myself, I wanted this so there is no turning back and might as well enjoy the rough ride. And in every rough ride, is a very satisfying feeling in the end.

That was a complete out-of-the-comfort-zone I've done so far - and it gave me lots of experience that I couldn't have had if I stayed the same. Everything just takes a leap of faith, and a certain mind to do it. We need to get used to the bitter times cause life will never offer every flavor of sweetness the whole time.  You need  to have every kind of flavor there is to taste that wonderful life. 

Apr 16, 2015

This is my lead

Maybe it is difficult to reconcile old beliefs with new ones, because having a new perspective in life will either make other people support what you believe in or turn their back.

Leaving old beliefs that hinder you to a lot of things, is a way to recognize your ability to grow as a person. It is a courage that everyone has to make at some point in their lives.

But beliefs associate you with people, and once you changed yours they may follow and understand or completely make a stand of what they believe in. That happens. But what's dreadful is, you discover how unreceptive some of them are.  That no matter how you understand them, they won't understand you back. How you wish they can be as open-minded as you are but they are not. You see them trapped in their own little world, attached to status quo.

I'm trying to get away from the usual norm, the norm where status dictate where you fit in. We are born to think, what we like, what we want and what we see right for us. If some situation seem to hinder that at least you tried to get what you want - and that's what matters. It may seem suicide, but it is one of the truths we need to face. We need to live like we lived. If for some time I have thought society is ruling  my life, now I will take my lead. I am the captain of my life.

Apr 13, 2015

Thai Food

Meeting an adventurous friend, can be a great time to explore new food. So we have agreed to have a dinner in a Thai resto in Trinoma out of gusto. I suppose it was a newly opened one considering the furniture and signage.

A classy interior you'll find there.

It took me minutes to choose my order since I'm not familiar with the foods' names so I had to look at the photos for something that is yummy. We ended up ordering these…

Looked like a fresh lumpia to me. But it isn't, the wrapper is different.

Now this is like the omelete with noodles inside.

The sauce. Quite Filipino ey?

Generally, South East Asian cuisine can be that similar to each other but every country still has their distinction. With Thai food, I don't find it hard to adjust with the taste. I'm just amaze by how they put lots of pepper on food. Regardless of that, I think I can live in Thailand. hahahaha