Mar 31, 2015

Arabela in Liliw, Laguna

I'm not a fan of Italian pastas. However, I like pastas cooked in Filipino way. My palate is very much accustomed to the sweet and sour taste of Filipino cuisine, that eating the opposite would be a great adjustment. And, indeed, it was. But I didn't regret dining in this place. I am always amazed by how I manage to change my perception on things by giving it a try.

Both sides are line of shoe stores. It was raining the time we were there but that didn't stop us from checking every stores
As a first timer in Liliw, Laguna, there's not much to see but the array of shoe stores in every street corner. Liliw is a quite secluded town which is famous for the cheapest and durable shoes. It can be a hassle to go there if you don't have a private car. So if by any chance you happen to drop by, you need to grab the opportunity to buy any shoes you want. That's what people told me.

Yet going with the person who frequents there, I've known that it is not just the shoes that this place can be known for. He brought us to this cute little family resto that offers pastries and pastas.

For a bit of history, the place was just an underground of the house converted into one decent resto. You'll find how low the ceiling is once you go inside. But that what makes it so cute.  

This is just to show you how low the ceiling is.
There were lots of pastas to choose from, but I went with his suggestion to be safe. We all had a sort of chicken pasta (I forgot what exactly it' s called) and frappe. But with only an hour given to us to go around and buy, we just had limited time to finish our orders. I ate mine in just 10 minutes or so but we still ended up late. Everybody was waiting for us and got a bit jelly for only having ourselves to eat there.

The so-called chicken pasta.

Here are some of the things on their menu. Their price starts from P200 up.
Knowing that this resto has long been existing, there were lots of reviews about it, not only in the net but also in leading newspapers.  

A compilation of newpaper articles about the resto.
It's wise to make a reservation ahead of time  because sometimes it gets so full. We were lucky that there were only few customers when we were there. ;D 

Mar 30, 2015

Team Cabiao: 2nd Time Around

I've become a follower of every VSO-ICS cycle in Nueva Ecija. It's weird but I just can't get enough of the feeling of meeting new volunteers especially when they make me feel so welcome.  Volunteers are volunteers - that one similar connection alone keeps the bond together. No matter the background, the status and all the differences. The relationship goes beyond that. 

As  I write this, the 2nd cycle of Team Cabiao has ended. Their cycle started last January and another batch will be deployed in May to continue their work. A very fast turn-over. But that way, ICS can change  more lives of young people per year. And just like the the famous line of the song, "Every new beginning is just some other  beginning's end'.

Team Cabiao with their Host family