Jan 31, 2015


I fear death. But I think she does too, that's why she's given that quick accident to not feel that much pain.

I'm afraid of funerals, I don't usually go to one because it makes me feel depressed and think of my own death. But that day was my first time to be told that someone I knew and close to me died. I can't completely understand my feelings - I was confused of whether to cry, feel shock  and stay calm. That was my first time to feel that.

It was all so sudden.

Mhai, you surprised me. I completely don't know what to say. My mind speaks a lot about it but I just couldn't grieve too much. Because a part of me says of letting go. And, all of us have to let you go.

Philippine TV has a lot of things to say, but for us - you are that simple and sweet Mhai-mhai that will always be remembered. Rest well my friend, your long travel has just started.

Jan 21, 2015


There is no place like home.
I get it, sounds cliché already. But home for me is something that I dread. Don't get me wrong, I like being with my family and staying in our house. I just don't like the people I'll be meeting outside our home. It sounds weird to treat people around as dreadful but I do feel that way.

I've been away from home since I was college and it was the most refreshing feeling I've ever had. I felt like I can be myself, I can loosen up and explore the world with my own hands. I felt happy and hopeful. And I still do now, because I work away from home. New places give me inspiration and reason to dream more. It was like living life to the fullest. It sounds selfish, I guess, but the fact that I feel good about myself matters a lot because I see things differently including people around me. At home, I feel so suppressed, it feels like the surrounding judges everything I do (good or bad) and I just don't want to live like that. I always thank myself for deciding to find myself even more for I would've not seen the world the way I do before.

And home will always be my home, I will keep on coming back. But to take a step forward to fight what’s dreading me is one thing I need to figure out. 

Jan 1, 2015

Red Station

This is going to be my first post for the year 2015. But this is going to be a throwback post though. Remember when I went to Baguio and dined at Chil Cheon Gak? This time I went with my awesome friends and tried Red Station. A Korean Resto just across Cheon Gak. Since the first time I failed to order samgyeopsal, this time I got it on my plate. Gladly, my friends were also up for a new taste so they were quite excited to try it.

We had a lot of side dishes (as expected). And we didn't managed to eat all of it.

The taste of these dishes are no way sweet, I guess that's why we were not so into it. but we weren't really up for these (however we thank the resto for making us feel  like we spent our money well haha).

We were really waiting for the meat. But this came first…

A bunch of lettuces, healthy right? instead of eating rice, rice, rice at PhilRice.

And the meat came forth.  The slices might seem not enough for us but, I tell you, it is, enough for first timers since you'll have to adjust for the taste.

And since we are no good at this, we had to ask for the waitress' assistance, which was very nice of her of course. She cooked for us for the first few slices and we did the rest. 

And that's how our table looked like. She told us to also fry the onions, which I don't know why. Maybe to add some taste to the meat.

My friends seriously wanted to be done cooking because it was already past one and we haven't eaten yet.

Wanna eat????? Looks like she's enjoying it. But honestly, I think it was more of the photos we are up to instead of the dish hahahahaha. Cause we really didn’t much enjoy the taste except for the meat and lettuce.. But I'm slowllly and slowwly getting used to it. Just need more time…. I'm up for other restos again!