Dec 28, 2014

Random Gala in Manila

This is way back August when we happen to have a small gathering with my VSO-ICS peeps. I stayed overnight with one of them- which was a very nice sleep of course. And then my companion brought me to the newly built SM in Taguig. By the time I was in Manila this mall was still underconstruction. The Samsung Hall is also located there (too bad I wasn't able to watch Sungha Jung's concert). But that's not what I wanted to say. We had a small tour and she treated me with Magnum Ice Cream. This ice cream is famous in the Philippines for being expensive and yummy. And I assume that the first Magum resto is in SM Aura? Well, nevermind.

So, we first had to choose the ice ream whether vanilla or chocolate. And then, the coating - they offer the dark chocolate and white chocolate. My friend and I had to different orders so we can taste each other's ice cream. And for the toppings they had array of toppings to choose from. It was so varied that you will go gaga for choosing only three toppings for your ice cream (which is very much unfair).
Ok so this is the array of toppings, in blur.. hehehehehe

And tada our finished product ice cream, after going through all the stages.

But it is not just the ice cream that you will be fascinated to eat. If you love chocolates like I do you'll definitely appreciate these chocolate bars that they displayed over the place. How can they possibly be displaying it instead of eating it? grrr such a waste! It is sooo big.

The Magnum place is located at the top floor near samsung hall. It is represented by this large M made of ice cream sticks!

Ok lets move on to the other part of our gala. since travelling to Manila is what I seldom do. I met with one friend of mine who has been wanting to see me but failed due to my busy sched. hahahaha. He is actually been wanting to treat me to lunch so I contacted him that day to fulfill his promise. He took us to this cake resto and had small chit-chat.

and the cakes we had are so deliii..

But they didn't like it that much so I had to bring the left overs. We parted ways right after. and that ended my gala in Manila. Hope to see them again soon.!

Dec 27, 2014


Photo taken from: The Idealist Facebook Page
I read one post last night and it is about valuing travelling. It didn't just fascinate me but inspired me to have my own planned solo trip.

At my age, one of the biggest discoveries that I treasure most is travelling. The new experience it brings cannot be paid by the years of working in the same company for the rest of your life. There's more to travelling than just seeing new places, it is discovering yourself amidst the place you are unfamiliar with. By the time you've been to more than one place - yourself has been renewed. But we have limiting beliefs, beliefs that limit us from seeing the beautiful world out there. Whether it is money, family, work or unsecure future that keep us from going - be inspired to change your life and the world you're in for many years. With that you'll be amazed by how things can come naturally.

Dec 14, 2014

Food Trip (Sagada)

I'm not really into food but trying new things is one of my motto now so I'm kind of doing things I haven't done before to know my own limitations. That's why if I had to walk for hours or get into topload rides on a bus passing on a very steep road- just  to get into a place I haven’t been before - I'll do it. Challenging myself is my new hype.

And for this post about food, well, some people might think that its not new to them but since it is new to me I'm posting it. These are the places that I've been to when I was in Sagada, my travel buddies recommended it.  They've been there many times, so I bet they have great taste when it comes to food in Sagada.

And our first stop,

Pinikpikan House

"Pinikpikan" is a specialty in the Mt. Province. It is prepared by beating the live chicken prior to cooking. Maybe PETA people won't agree in the way the chickens are killed but this is part of the place's culture, basically since then. So there's no way of stopping them from doing it. And there is no wonder why most tourists drop by and try it since it is delicious. The chicken used for this is a native chicken so it is tastier and fresher than the commerical ones. 

One order of it includes the infamous etag or "smoked meat". Smoking the meat is the same as smoking the fish in central luzon, they do it to preserve them. But I think I prefer etag if it was fried and not in  a soup. It was very salty but worth a try for tourists.

Their food are surprisingly affordable. And the resto doesn't run out of people, tourists keep flocking in.

And an added attraction of this resto - are their really cute dogs. Go to their backdoor and you'll find them. This resto is nearer to the market where jeepneys park so it is not hard to find it, just go straight and look for the sign.

Lemon Pie House

Now, friends told me that this is where most people go. And yeah, obviously they are up for the lemon pies. It was also my first time to taste the pie. It was good, but the blueberry cheesecake was  good as well. Their tea is good too.


The house is located in the further end and near to the curve going to the first cave. You can just walk to it.

Yoghurt House

If you ate in the "Pinikpikan house", walk further and you'll find it. It is near to stores selling souvenirs and stuff.

Their yogurt tastes really good compared to the ones I've tasted before. I ordered the one with ice cream and loved it.

Gaia café

This is one nice café based on my standard. And it is not really hard to find. It is along the way going to sumaguing cave. Must try are the veggie chips and the lemon tea. I got a separate post of it here 


Suman (Rice Cake)

Maybe their own version of rice cake is worth a try as well. I bought this suman while on my way to cavalry hill and it is quite tasty.


This is how etag looks like when still on the process of being etag (I don't know what they call it, maybe airdry)

And a finished product etag - ready for buying.


These are the fruits found in the North.
My first time to see and eat rattan. this tastes really sour. I haven't liked it that much.

Persimmon on a tree. It was my first time to see one too. When Iwent to the market I bought 1/4 of the fruit. The taste is similar to papaya - sweet
Peaches. Looks different, right? This is how their local peaches look like. But I haven't tasted it so I don't know its difference with the ones we frequently see in fruit stalls.

Just a thought

Your decisions in life echoes through generations.
Like getting married. Your decision to have a good and reliable partner very much affects your future children and the children of your children. Of course there might be aspects that might make your marriage imperfect but the fact that you strived for a better family is a very good decision to make. Such things as going to a very good university and trying to be confident about everything are decisions as well. But the main point in decision making is foreseeing the result of having that decision. But not all of us can make good decisions, there are times that our decisions will either frustrate us or make us lucky. Nonetheless, if you wanted something good to happen you can make that better decision for yourself and to the people that will depend on you in the future.

Having said that, I am just very much interested at the thought of knowing how great people started small. Maybe because they made good decisions and held on to what they believe in. I do believe that if people will just change their life and strive to be better - they can have that better life they long for.