Oct 7, 2014

Gaia Cafe

Cafés are one of those cute establishments that we see everywhere. They are always artsy-craftsy which guarantee a very nice ambiance for customers. So this one café that I've been to was the first one that I liked so far. Considering that I never really go to cafés that much, comparing it to other cafes is less likely to happen. Hahahaha. You can say that I may have a not-so- high standard yet when it comes to cafes.

So what brought me there? A friend and I was just passing on this signage when we were on our way to a cave.

It says…

 It is one of those you see on Korean series that it caught so much attention from me. We didn't went through at first but it was really tempting so when we were on our way home we finally dropped by.
  Another signage that welcomes guest as we approach the entrance door.

  The café looks like a tree house made of pine trees. And pine trees also make good  furnitures, right?. 
 It offers snacks, drinks and meals; and even pastries like muffins and cookies.

 What we had were the homemade malunggay chips with a dip of black beans, tomatoes and garlic and blueberry muffins.

   Blueberry muffins.. Nom NomXD

For my drink I had the lemon grass tea with honey.

I took random pictures when we were eating. The malunggay chips was a must have, it's some kind of  nachos when we were eating it and a very healthy food for those on diet.

And that's how to eat it. hahaha. Since the dip bowl is just small, I think it wasn't enough for the two of us but they don’t really do refill unlike the dips in Jollibee. Hehehe

 That's the view from where I was sitting. That pine tree was really nice. It is very similar to those pine trees sold at malls during Christmas. 

 When I look to my left this is the view that I get. Inside that window are souvenirs and those pinned pieces of paper are some quotable quotes that are in support to women empowerment which might be the owner's advocacy.

 And that's the owner's house. Well looks like the owner was really artistic and rich after all to have a cute café and a very fancy house like that. :D

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