Sep 20, 2014

Another batch

It's been a year. Right after my VSO ICS cycle, 3 batches came forth and here is another one just done prepping up to be deployed to their placement. As, maybe, a few of you would remember (well, if somebody out there has been reading my blog), I was an RV support of the batch that ensued mine. And it was a very good batch that I've supported. They were all happy and full-spirited young people with hunger for development work. And that was last year. 

So now another batch came and I'm already working in Nueva Ecija but I didn’t stop my involvement in ICS since my cycle ended. What’s nice about supporting another new batch of volunteers is the fact that I know better than them what is install for them, and that how valuable my experiences are for them to grasp the details of being an ICS volunteer. Of course there is a plus, and it is reminiscing my feelings when I was  a participant like them. I wonder how I looked like or how I reacted to the activities we had. Hahaha.

And this batch, is a bunch of another full-spirited young people gathered from different backgounds. I've got high hopes for them being the first batch to be deployed in Cabiao, Nueva Ecija which will be focusing on Disaster Risk Reduction Management (DRRM). For this team, I give my best of luck and a successful cycle ahead!

Sep 10, 2014

How to do a staycation?

Sometimes it is very tiring to plan a vacation trip cause it often entails a lot of preparation and you also need to allot time for the planning itself.

I'm pretty good at doing anything at home when I'm free. If others think that it is boring to do a vacation at home, well, they are WRONG. It can be an option if you are not really fond of travelling.

These are things that are really nice to do at home (well it is what I do at home):

Watch movies, series or animes. Imagine if you have a list of movies you need to watch, you can watch it all in your free day. You can also invite friends over to your house and do a movie marathon, and when it is all done, stay up all night and chika chika with friends.

Read books. If you're a person who’s really into reading, this is your chance to read those books you bought that you have just stuck on the side because you have no time to open it. Reading is not boring. Especially, when you are reading a very nice one.

Learn to play instrument/s. There are things that we have been wanting to do, but the fact is, we don’t enough time to do it. So, maybe on your staycation, why not try to learn to play the guitar, piano or anything you've been wanting to learn since you were little?  It is easier now to look for video tutorials online and give that dream of yours a try.

Cook. Been wanting to cook the nicest recipe you've discovered? Start your kitchen battle. You can replace your mother or sister from cooking all the time and have them taste your recipe. I've discovered from a friend that cooking is also a way to relieve stress. So its basically 'hitting  two birds with one stone", you're making your tummy full at same time you are relieving yourself from stress.

Karaoke. A singer in the closet? Frustrated singer? Or either of it. Singing is definitely relieving. If you agree to what I'm sayin' then try doing this at home. It is so much fun with a group of friends when you fight over songs to sing. Having karaoke is better than spending 5 pesos in Karaoke machines. It is also a way to catch up with friends. 

Happy Staycation! :D

Shape up or ship out

Dear 'insecurity',

I'm writing for you to know that I have always wanted you to stay out of my mind. You don't have to be there, you're just ruining the positive vibes that I've been trying to establish.

I know that it is hard not to think about other people cause they affect you somehow. But please try to appreciate what you have and stop comparing yourself to other people, it won't do you good nor make them any lesser than you. Good things starts within yourself. Mind your business, cause it is where you'll have to focus on.

Might as well build your own character and confidence so you can beat the odds that will come your way.

There are times that it's tempting right? Why do people love to flaunt what they have? They make you think the what should be unthinkable and throw away appreciation you have for yourself. What are you going to do about this, are you just going to give up like that. Them overpowering you? Don't let them do it, you have more strength than them. They don't control you, you control yourself and you are free to get away from that uncomfortable feeling you are in.

You'll need to resist these kind of temptations more and more cause there are more to come, you still haven’t  met the worst. Always fasten yourself seat to overcome the rough ride.