Jun 18, 2014

Kukai Ichiban

Last February, I heard about a Japanese restaurant here.  My boardmate and I have agreed to go there and treat ourselves on Valentine's day but that never happened. Sometimes it never happen as planned. Might as well not plan everything right? and go right then and there! Planning makes me overthink things and I end up changing my mind. But since some people I knew from the office are going to this restaurant I'm talking about, I decided to join in. That made it easier for me than going alone myself. :D

Call me ignorant, yet honestly this is officially my first time to eat with chopsticks in a restaurant. I tried using  it before but in our house. It is so fulfilling for me to finally make it happen since I've been wanting to go to an Asian restaurant. :D You'll probably understand this kind of feeling if you are a fan of any Korean, Japanese and Taiwanese Series. You won't just be liking what you see on TV but you feel like embracing their culture as well. :D I call it bliss everytime I have a taste of their culture. And there's only a few people who can relate to me when it comes to that kind of feeling.

So the sole purpose of going to that restaurant is to try Japanese cuisine, we ordered this big bowl of soup (forgot what it's called hehehe) and we cooked all meat and ingredients. We were given a small cooking stove to do this.  I can't say that we had a great soup or what, but it would definitely taste good for first timers.  

These are the meat and ingredients of the soup placed on a very nice plate. Using that long chopsticks is a lot easier than the ones we had. One of our companion almost lost the appetite of eating because she can't have a good hold of her chopsticks, but she was able to survive though.

Aside from the big bowl of soup, I had my own individual order. I ordered this Yakiudon to which my taste buds still need to get used to the unique taste of the noodle. It wasn't actually that delish, I just need to eat the whole lot cause I paid 250 pesos for it (huh). It has small green powdered leaves on it, which probably what made it a bit strange in taste. I don't know how to describe it but I won't order it again when I go back to that resto.

 I took a picture of one of my friend's order, hers is more delish that mine. The noodles are thinner and easier to digest, it doesn’t have the after taste like the one I had.

Their menu is full of noodles (as expected for Japanese) but I forgot to take a photo of their menu. :(. If you are in Nueva Ecija and somewhere in Munoz, try eating in this resto it's where most of the people go to. It is located at the back of Japan Home Center along the highway going to San Jose. 

The people that I went with. :D

Jun 14, 2014

Baguio City

I've got a lot of things to share having just visited Baguio City recently. We had a full-packed one day schedule in a rainy season. Yes, it was raining when we went there but that didn't stop us from going.

Baguio City is my first planned travel here in Luzon so it's very significant for me. Who wouldn't go to the City of Pines when it's just three hours away.  Yes, that's near and I can't miss that opportunity.

Of course, I didn't just plan this myself. In fact I probably just made minimum contribution since one of our buddy made all the arrangements. That was a big relief! He made everything fun and convenient for us. We are so glad we had him to travel. We almost visited all the places except for those that can't operate during rainy season. I planned our lunch to a Korean Restaurant (which is a fulfillment for me). We also went to eat at 50's Diner that serves huge burgers. I've got a lot of photos to share soon and highlight posts of my visit to places in Baguio. I'm definitely going back there again. :D

Jun 8, 2014


One reminder for me: Surround yourself with positive people, and you'll see what change they can bring.

I've been really negative and has been surrounded by negative people  - and the result, I felt like I'm crippled who can't do something I want. So in the end I was really frustrated, I could've done this, that and those if I was just positive enough to push it through and not easily influenced by thoughts of people around. All I wanted was just a person who could say "Yeah, you can do it" and everything might have been realized. Yet no one made me feel that. Anyway, I've learned a lot from it. Reflection from all those experiences is just the great way to improve myself somehow. :D  And I don't regret I felt that way.