May 17, 2014

Hear Me (2009)

Just a deviation from my usual posts.. I guess I should try posting something here from my other blog. :D

First and foremost, I think everyone especially deaf advocates will love this movie cause it makes normal people understand how and what they feel. Though there are lots of dead air because they don't talk, you will appreciate all the sign language and facial expressions of the actors. I am personally intrigue with deaf people before since I happen to have a cousin which we don't usually see and have a conversation with. Until one day, at our family reunion, I realized that she must have sometimes felt left out because our cousins seldom approach her. I tried to approach her since then and start to converse using our cellphones. And then I went to volunteer and right at our debrief met deaf volunteers who were very enthusiastic and hopeful people. All of them were just really optimistic. I felt like they have overpowered my timidity that I realized why can't I be confident like them. And that was start of it - they've become my inspiration to draw my own confidence from, they've inspired me even more to be myself and to do what I love doing. When I went home after my placement, I tried to visit my cousin again. This time I already know how to do a few  sign language. I've even discovered that she is more avid to korean series than me. :D

Hear Me
Taiwanese Movie
Cast: Yuan Yang, Jackie Chen
Director: Cheng Fen Fen
Genre: Romance, comedy, drama
Rating: 8/10

Quick Review:
Yang-yang (Ivy Chen) has been very supportive of her older sister Xiao Peng (Yanxi Chen) . She considers her sister's dream as hers that she lets her sister train hard for the deaflympics while she works her butt-off to cover their expenses. Then Tian Kuo (Eddie Pend), a meal delivery guy , comes into the picture, who breaks their silent life as sisters. Yang-yang must learn to know her dreams and give her self a priority as her sister demands for it.

Movie Highlights:
Now I'm a fan of Yuan Yang, he's just so good with facial expression that I can't help but laugh - if some of you watched any of his movie you might really appreciate his acting. Keep track as he uses sign language it's hilarious! And also, how's being a tree in front of Yang-yang's house with that 'tree' phrase that he come out with?
And definitely the good-all twist towards the end. I don't want you to guess or pre-empt anything so I won’t be telling it. :D

Here's a quote from the movie itself: "Love and dreams are miraculous. They don’t need to be heard, to be said, or translated "