Apr 6, 2014

My First Run

Running was never my thing, but suddenly I realized I needed to expand my horizon at certain point or be boxed-in my own shell. So there's this "Run for Women's Education" event that was announced at the office intended for the 'Women's Month Celebration', which I didn’t think twice of registering regardless of whether I'll have company or not. But I did have people I knew who came which is a relief hahahahaha since I realized that running with friends is much fun.

We were first given this kit two days before the event, inclusive of the shirt, number and registration form. And that's my running number and I will run for 3 kilometers which they say is not that far.

We arrived an hour early. I didn't have much sleep since we need to depart at 1am..argh,, Well, 10K need to start at 5:30, 5K- 5:45 and 3K-6am.
This is how dark it was when we arrived - but city lights brighten it up.

There were lots of yellow people all over the place… hahahahaha.. And that is the Quirino grandstand on the background. This is actually a very spacious place, such a miss that I wasn't able to take a picture of the whole ground. :(

Race is already done around this time, and people are now going back to their vehicles. I don't think people are so competitive cause most of them during the race tend to be left behind. Well, most of the people we're with were oldies though  coming from different government agencies. Hahahahahahaha.

It was a very nice blue sky, and good that it didn’t rain.

Got our certificate along with the blue cap after running 3K. Yey!

We haven't caught ourselves running, so we just did a mock up picture. And this guy suggested if we could do a picture of ourselves running hahahahaha. We haven't even  done it right,  see, we are running towards the starting line.hahahahahhaha. Whatta staged photo :D I took this photo which is quite nice, but mine looks like……

….. This, I was such a lazy girl running with full smile…

Photo with the rest of the people, but I don't think these three people would want to show their faces. Haven’t had their consent. Hehehehehe

Another picture with a friend of mine with the certificate :)

The person who organized our travel all the way from Nueva Ecija- is the person on the left. He ran for 5K and was the 4th person to finish, he almost got into the top 3. But the third place though came from us, they were together with this guy on the left, he was just steps behind.

And finally, our group picture with the third prize winner. :)