Mar 23, 2014

PCC: Milka Krem

I plan to go to this place for sometime, but they say it's good not to plan or else it won’t push through. And I guess for now, I'll take credit for that. My boardmate just picked me up from my office to go to church, and we just decided to go to Milka Krem right after seeing her friend at church who's working at Philippine Carabao Center. I've always wanted to buy their chocomilk and get a discount, which we can have since along with us is an employee of PCC. A perfect timing isn’t it?

Well, Milka Krem is like the business center of PCC, where all the dairy produce are sold. They got plenty of dairy products to choose from, from carabao's milk (with different flavors) to pastries. It is also one way of promoting the nutrient factor of carabao's milk which they say is more nutritious than cow's milk.

So this is their logo which speaks for itself, I even took a picture of the description of each color but it was really blur. Let me just explain it, Purple stands for high standard quality, white for purity, and gold for the wealth of good health.

Glad I managed to take a clear picture of the logo's explanation. :)

So this is it from the outside, but don't mind those tricycles :)

This is just the café' part where all products are also displayed. But the building extends further to the right side where all the machineries are transparent from the outside - they got huge machines. :)

Interior-wise, it looked like fast food chains -like McDo and Jollibee. And they got this artistic picture inside. :)

Chairs and tables- aren't they nice? This is the newly done extension, it's easy to take pictures cause people are not around. :)

A slight glimpse of their milk products - different colors in different flavors. But I still like the chocomilk, nothing can beat it. :) I wanted to take some pictures of their pastries but employees gather there, I don't want them to glare at me. :)

They have this collection of carabao figures inside maybe to make people  know it's carabao's milk? Hahahahaha.  But I bet it's mainly for accent and design. :)

This figure is what I liked most. :) Experienced riding that bamboo-carriage, which is the bumpiest ride I had. I tried riding on carabao's back too, and I tell you it pays to hold tight on its horn or else you'll slide off everytime it swings from left to right. :)

I did get the choco milk I wanted. And it's free. I'm suppose to pay for it but Kuya Jeff, paid for all.

Had this vanilla ice cream too, it is so sticky/creamy like the dairy queen. It didn't melt easily in my mouth plus yum, yum, yum!!!

How's that pose from a friend of mine?

This is the nearest I could get from the camera cause I'm not much of a selfie person. :)

And our group picture.. :)

Got this one great pose for the finale. :)