Jan 28, 2014

What's on my desktop

Yeah I miss them! So to always remember their faces I put them on my desktop. :D VSO-ICS team VI021 definitely made an impact in my life- and I'm glad it did. For if I wasn't a part of it, I might still be closing all the doors of opportunities that come knocking on my way. :D

Jan 26, 2014

First week at Nueva Ecija

Assuming that all my requirements are done, my idea of going here was to work immediately,. But it didn't seem the way I expect it. And so, one day after arriving the HR told me that I still have pending matters to submit which I was quite surprise cause he didn't even reply to my text. And there, in my first two days, I found myself going back and forth from Muñoz to Philrice then Cabanatuan. It was an exhausting walk and patient waiting, just to get it all done. But I like travelling (which in here sounds like commuting hahaha), it gave me a chance to look around Cabanatuan that I've never been to. :D

I like places that implement plastic-free campaign. In Pacific Mall, Cabanatuan where I processed my requirements, I bought some stuff and they use paper bags. Quite delightful to know this, I've never been to a place that uses paper bags except from some parts of Quezon City, and my School in College. I wonder what it takes to do this in our own barangay! Haha!

And I began my first day of work. Hiyah!!! One of the boss said that employees should also visit the field to be familiarized. Well, then I'm going to visit- but not this time. So I just took a picture of the road going to the field.

Above, is the road I usually walk on when going back and forth from work. :D 

Found this Japanese  doll at my friend's office (I call him takahashi). Isn't it cute??? (sorry for the blur picture). I always visit her office and stop by at this figure.

Apparently rice isn't just a food subject. An artist from where I work at found an amazing art out of rice grains. These tables consists of rice grains variety filled into shapes. :D I asked about the price too, half size of these two tables might cost 3000 Php. :D

This is just one of the pictures I took, when I visited the Rice Museum. I think this painting gives us a clue of a chid-story right?? Ants and the grasshopper

This is a whole new different place. I was on my first week and my boss took me to a travel related to the project I'm involve in. This dark view with city lights was in Angeles, Pampangga. This was on our first night.:D

Another view, this time,  from the top of the hotel building. I did made an effort to reach the top to get a view of this but I don’t think it is something that I did great!! Hahahaha (it is so blurry judging from a phone camera that I used). But I love the top of it, it is so calm and windy. It gave me time to think for a bit. :D

I didn't have a nice sleep on our first night. So I ended up waking up so early in the morning to see the sunrise. This is the view of the city from the room I'm staying. :D The bluish mount Arayat can be seen from there. :D

A new place, also means new people to be with. So here's my new found friends on our first night out together. :D