Nov 4, 2013

Relief Goods collection with VSO-ICS Team VI082

I've said that I have been helping out with relief operation starting in Ubay. So when I was invited to help out with the current team's Mini-CAD which is a house-to-house collection of relief goods, I didn't hesitate to say yes. This time I helped out as a Returned Volunteer (RV).

I was with Fidel, an RV from the cycle before us. The team never made us feel awkward towards them that we were able to fit in well. Some of them were curious about certain things so some of them asked me of how my volunteering went. While waiting for the dumptruck, we also played the "Indian War Sign", a game where you need to create your own sign and pass it on to another by doing their sign. That was a bit hilarious since some volunteers did funny signs that I was no way of considering doing. Because of this, I didn't win. (Sorry RVs I turned you down) hahaha

I hopped on the front seat as soon as the truck came, and after the bumpy ride we were later dropped off in Brgy. San Isidro, Pilar. Per groups, we were assigned in certain areas by the CAD committee. We started off collecting right away and in our first stop-- we were given half sack of rice.  We went on each houses, gathering different types of donations-- money, rice, canned goods, noodles, and clothes. I saw how generous my fellow Boholanos are, even the place has been affected by the earthquake too, they still have a heart and kindness to share what they have to people largely affected.

We assembled before one o' clock putting everything we have collected. And as the rain poured down while eating our lunch, it didn't bother us as we were more delighted with what we have gathered.

After our relief collection, we did the packing at Pilar, LGU. Everyone helped out that we finished earlier. (With all our hands put together, relief goods were too little for us for packing, like in a snap! Its done!).

Photo taken from Twiggy Gatuteo' Facebook Account
I'm soo happy to be with everyone and looking forward to participating in more activities this team will organize. :D Ajja!