Sep 1, 2013

Attitudes (Reflection)

(Late Post )

New people, new challenges. I consider these as the main theme of my volunteering. Though I'm towards the end of the cycle I'm still puzzled of how my co-volunteers think of things so differently. They are way beyond what other people like me might think, do and deliver.

It amazes me when they sometimes comment about certain things like being advised about things they do which is not good for the team. It's good that they practice voicing out their thoughts and criticisms but in my own point of view those kind of advise are understandable and not need to be taken offense of. Maybe the issue is about how you assess yourself or maybe highly accomplished people are harder to humble themselves down.

I just realized that I'm an average person and I am happy with that. At least, I'm able to balance things and deal with people in good ways.

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