Sep 30, 2013

Totally Embarassing!

Debrief was the last team social that we had, and so much of the feelings hidden inside of us were released in this very day. I didn't want to be too emotional towards everybody because I don't want to look like a crybaby but the part where we need to give tribute to our supervisor Piso, I gave in. But this isn't why I was really embarrassed, it was the last thing we did during our last stay at JJs Seafood in Tagbilaran- that was the real embarrassment.

Imagine me together with my co-volunteers sneaking into a prestigious hotel and resort in Tagbilaran pretending we are risk assessing the place. For those people who know me, I couldn't have probably done that but guys I did. And it wasn't just that. But before I tell you the details of what happened, I'am telling you that I am not the source of the idea, I just drag along knowing that I couldn’t shop with everybody else. And I have never expected what happened next ever.

Picture before we went inside! :D

And so, we went on inside the resort to the reception area. It was the very effective acting and good reasoning of my company that allowed us to see the whole place. Well the idea of going was just to ask if we can use the pool and if we can't we'll go back to JJs- at least that's what I thought of but not my company. I found myself going with them showering ready to dip into the pool. I was confused "like guys what' happening, why are we doing this", but the two of them just laughed at me telling me to undress and join them. I felt a bit of excitement in me so I undressed myself leaving my shorts and shirt and was about to go to the pool when the guard called our attention.  I stood there in a moment in a sense of panic but my company was just so calm and converse with the guard answering his questions. It was a lot of lies!!! Hahahaha! But the guard didn't let us use the pool cause we are not guests (which we already know). It was a really awkward situation with the guard and I was lucky enough  not to wet myself since we need to leave in an instant. We were all laughing as soon as we got out of the resort. IT WAS SOOO EMBARASSING! I hope they won't tighten their security because of us, intruders! I don't want to find pictures of me hanging on their walls , I might not be able to go there ever!

This is the kiddy pool! :D

But that was lots of fun, and a new experience for me…. Now I know my company has a hidden wildness in her. :D

Sep 20, 2013

Visayan Treasure Hunt

Since my volunteering experience was already done, some things are worth reminiscing from the beginning. Consider this throwback volunteer post I did, this was during the month of June back when we were still at training. :D

Going back to the month we have started which was during the training, this was the event that I enjoyed a lot- Treasure Hunt. 

We were divided into groups to explore the city of Tagbilaran finding the clues in the buildings that were of much use for us. And this was my team....

Tom, Me, and Isaac
 There was of great hope of winning in our team since I'm from Bohol. hahahahaha. It was not hard for my team mates to talk to the locals since I did much of the talking. :D

We posed, jump and run most of the time. We even got across competing teams!! 

In the end we were second best! hahahahaha... can't help it if one team got ahead of us. :D But the smiling faces and the wild adventure that was definitely one of the best things I had in the program.

Note: Photos are not mine, photo credit to my friend Tom who gave me a copy. :D

Sep 17, 2013

My new favorite blog site!

Cant help to blog about this site I newly discovered! Ha Ha

Well, well. this aint about Korean-related blog or something. But it does sell cute stuff! It is a design company that sells cute cards and tees. Yeah! owners are Asian (but I'm not sure if they are pure or half foreign though), I figured because of the japanese characters on the site and on their designs..:D

Here is the blog site!
I hope they won't sue me by just cropping a picture of their site cause I was sooo captivated, t'was really cuteeeeee!  (I actually used the print screen)

Mind you the cards are sooo cheesy too!! and the tees are also good for couple shirts! :D
But for pictures, I think yah need to visit their facebook site Check it out. :D

Sep 2, 2013

Goodbye to youth groups!

 (Late Post)

Had our last meeting with the youth groups today. I enjoyed working with them. Seeing their very enthusiastic faces make me feel happy inside. But I don't know if my work mates appreciate their company. So sad we've never been of much use to them when they are so active in everything and just needed guidance to walk them through it.

Goodbye pose.. 

Our last habal-habal ride.. :D

We could've done more, you know. I could see a lot of opportunities in my mind which entails a lot of work of course but a satisfying outcome in the end. But I don't think my work mates see the same way I do. Cause every time suggestion for activities are made it is turned down. For me, maybe it is not a matter of questioning what we need to do when we can do something more like going the extra mile. Which we can do actually cause we've got ample time to do activities. But once a person gives no interest and the other person agrees to it, I can't do it on my own without someone's support.

Sep 1, 2013

Attitudes (Reflection)

(Late Post )

New people, new challenges. I consider these as the main theme of my volunteering. Though I'm towards the end of the cycle I'm still puzzled of how my co-volunteers think of things so differently. They are way beyond what other people like me might think, do and deliver.

It amazes me when they sometimes comment about certain things like being advised about things they do which is not good for the team. It's good that they practice voicing out their thoughts and criticisms but in my own point of view those kind of advise are understandable and not need to be taken offense of. Maybe the issue is about how you assess yourself or maybe highly accomplished people are harder to humble themselves down.

I just realized that I'm an average person and I am happy with that. At least, I'm able to balance things and deal with people in good ways.