Jun 5, 2013

Enthusiasm spoiled during Manila Trip

I could say that everything didn't went smoothly during my Manila trip. Though the free ticket back and forth gave an ecstatic feeling, it was then replaced by the dilemma of where to stay over due to some reasons (which I'm gonna state later).

I have not thought well where to stay, my mind was not too fixed on that as I thought it could be decided as I get there. I had a really hard time texting my friends so I can stay over, both of them gave a sly answer to my immediate request. If I had not begged to one of them, I probably ended up on the streets. So my lesson was, "friends are precious give them a helping hand when you can and without hesitation." Those friends that I contacted frustrate me a little bit but I tried to introspect myself if I happen to offend them before which made them do that. There might be a reason to all of it that I decided to let it pass. (But I was really thankful for letting me stay one night) :D..So that was the first spoiler……

Spoiler  2 was really disappointing and embarrassing. I could've stayed at our previous boarding house. Yet I was taken aback when my father did some serious lies to people we are living with. That is more embarrassing than telling the truth. He could've said it differently. I just couldn't imagine he has done that.

The last spoiler is…. The good news was, I got accepted. Which I am very grateful to share with my family. Cause for the first time, I'm taking a leap of faith to overcome my fears. However, it was not openly recognized by most of them. They probably don't understand. So this time "one notes" you are my buddy to help put myself into a relief.

I'll be posting pictures of my Manila Trip soon. As soon as I'm done with some of the requirements I need to prepare.