Sep 22, 2012

Just Thinking

"Making decisions from the heart will always lead you to somewhere you least expect"

I know a little about life. Being a person who is introvert and less socially inclined, I have less experience to anything. I was busy filling my head than exposing myself to the world around me. And when I finally got out of my shell, at first I am afraid of the new things that I might gonna encounter. It took me a while to understand things and to appreciate everything that is new to me.
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There are times when I think too highly of myself. When I think I'm better than other people. But I figured out that it was not really right because they are more experienced than me. Experience gives them more edge in doing things effectively and I just couldn't argue with that fact. It often amazes me how I see people differently from what they really are. I'm too prejudiced when it comes to that.

I do envy those people who can handle situations so easily without thinking about it that much. I have plenty of things on my mind that I couldn't even know which one is right or wrong. So everytime I make decisions I'm always uncertain about it. And that's when I have finally understood "making decisions from the heart".  After a careful thought, I realized I often make unwise decisions. Most of them are not from the heart but from what I think will make me a cool person. Idolizing too much people perhaps lead me to emulate them without even knowing it. Even now, I still have a hard time finding myself and figuring out my real passion. Perhaps, I do have a passion. I just couldn't figure it out because I'm too afraid to take a risk.